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 BoiledDogs's Builder application

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PostSubject: BoiledDogs's Builder application   Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:35 am

Have you met all the requirements above?
Do you speak proper English? Yes.
How old are you? 16 years 8 months 12 days lol!
What is your time zone? GMT -6:00
When can you be on? Anytime
Tell me about who you are, basically describe yourself. Server owner's brother...
Why do you want to be promoted to your position choice? With Builder powers, I can vast expand and improve our World (to an extent) to where it will appeal YouTube and forum spectators.
How will you help the server? Read Above Statement
What do you think you can do best with this position? Build
Do you think you will run into any problems with this position? Hell nah...
Have you ever had any expierience as this position? Yes
If you did get expierience, what did you learn from it? This and other servers
If someone was griefing right in front of you, what do you do? catch them, get the admins to punish them and try to fix any damages ( If possible )
If someone was using hacks or modifications, what do you do? report and get them punished
If this application is not accepted would you quit MinceCraft? I've been denied once
When did you start playing MinceCraft? Months ago
Any suggestions for how you want to make the server better? Suggesting Better plugins, advertising, etc...
Any last words? scratch nothing...
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BoiledDogs's Builder application
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