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 Whitelist Application.

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PostSubject: Whitelist Application.   Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:19 am



Reason For Joining:
Check out the server to see if it pleases me, so I can find a new permament server to play on.

What I Can Do To Help The Server
I will refer a friend, for we are a team. I have been a staff member in 2 other servers, so if my time comes, I am fit for the job. [VEYS]

Description Of Myself
I am a just person, I believe in justice.
I am a VEYS [Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society] member, with a high rank. In VEYS, I develope traits of leadership, faith, discipline, promptness, and social behavior.
I can be very proper and mature, but also funny and high.

I am in 8th grade.
I am well educated, and I attend high classes.
I am an athlete.
Current Stats
40 Yard Dash: What the hell, coach didn't tell me.
100 Yard Dash: 15.38 seconds.
300 Yard Dash: 39 seconds.
Lifting Max: 70 lbs.

I am good at PvP.
I am good at designing.
I am good at redstone.
I am good at survival.
I have played Minecraft for over 1 year.
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Whitelist Application.
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