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 Whitelist application

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PostSubject: Whitelist application    Whitelist application  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 7:13 am

1. name vincius andrade (it's Brazilian friends call me viny)

2. i'm 12.

3. i kind of got bored playing minecraft alone because its really hard to find a good cracked server from the looks a video i watch the server look pretty great.

4. i'm some what good with redstone i know how to make a simple redstone cobble stone generator using pistons witch can supply an infinite cobble stone with out losing a single stone so now one will have to go into mine for cobble stone i'm good good with potions if i can get my hands on the ingredients i'll make the potion in no time, i use my materials vary wisely in fact i'm quite stingy with even my iron tools i only use it if i have now more cobble stone picks or if i see gold redstone or dimond.

5. i kind of answered some of my skills in the last question
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Whitelist application
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